2016 revealed the Fifth Chapter of Our Epic Journey

This installment of our epic saga brings us to this turbulent moment in space and time—the Now of our socio-cultural evolution. We see our global human family entangled in a liminal, transitional zone between what was and what will be. Crossroads is the place between worlds. It is a limbo zone where many of us are confronted by Shadow and a great fear of the unknown. As the Dreamers of the New Dawn we are here to envision solutions. We resolve to cast light upon the darkness, to dig our hands in the dirt, to sing songs of a peaceful future, and actively sweep away that which no longer serves us.

Are you ready for our Sixth Chapter?

Lucidity 2017


Eudaimonia is the grand conclusion to our epic six year saga. A Greek word for ‘human flourishing’ it is our optimistic vision for our collective future. We invite you to dream into the possibilities of what our future together holds and bring those delicious potentials with you to Live Oak Campground this April.

Information, tickets and application details available soon!

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