It’s easy to say that the earliest inspirations for Chad “Fez” Gaetz were his family and temperate environment. Often told to “go outside and play,” the forests and nature of the Pacific Northwest (USA) quickly became his comfort.

Through early teachings of conventional construction practices, and an incredibly unconventional adulthood, Fez has basked in the sun’s rays in dozens of countries, soaking his eyes in the soul and spirit of culture around the world. He consistently states, Alaska is the place that will forever hold his heart, while Antarctica is the continent that holds him by the, ahem… well, has his heart too.

Fez’s drive can be defined with little explanation. Make it huge, interactive and jaw-dropping and he’d likely join any crew around the world.

His works are of mixed medium and message. Not wanting to constrain to one sole material, he chooses to work in several realms. The message is about connection to nature, our connections to one another, common ground, and beauty

Artist Statement

2016 is the halfway point for the Antarctic Treaty, meaning in 2041 the continent is potentially up for grabs to exploit resources. That is unless we spread the word! My aim is to build iceberg sculptures made from reclaimed materials to spread the news about what is happening down south!

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