GoJourni is of a band of misfits. Adeshola Oke-Bello is a butterfly, tinkerer, artist, protector, marketer, and strategist looking to correct misconceptions. Ari Goldberg is a lion, wanderer, observer, information excavator, and designer looking to cultivate peoples’ potential. Matei Canavra is a falcon, dreamer, developer, and connector looking to show people the possibility of happiness. Richard Hammer is a dragon, a technologist, artist, woodworker, and blacksmith looking to connect people, build community, and solve problems.

What are they doing?

  • Filming different paths one can take through Lucidity in 360° video
  • Combination of roaming and static viewpoints
  • Allow user to view the lucidity experience through an omniscient lens

GoJourni will invite you on a time-warping adventure through the undiscovered parts of Lucidity festival. You will have an opportunity to choose a particular path through the festival, including the Lucid University courses. Each path will explore a different path of Lucidity festival in 360°, viewed through a virtual reality headset.

Artists Statement

GoJourni exists to show people it is possible to alter his one’s reality. We bring people together who are geographically separated, reconfigure mental models, and allow you to pick your own adventure through traversing 360° video in virtual reality. We believe you are the creator of your own universe and wish to engender a sense of wonder, amazement, and excitement towards life.

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