Scott Reynolds

Scott Reynolds of Earthdrop designs creates 3 dimensional sculptural and functional pieces that unify the flat planes of laser cut wood geometry and organic and lace like shapes into pieces of angelic beauty and deep visions.

Artist Statement

I had always had a desire to create what I saw in my minds eye but drawing and painting didn’t fuel my passion for it. I wanted to reach people through their wonder and love of beauty, but I felt like a tiny ripple in a huge ocean. What I was creating was not translating.

I discovered the world of designing and building from a fabrication approach through a long period of working in event design and it enveloped me. Turning an idea into reality caused a chain reaction, created more ideas and more vision, and it started fueling my desire to learn and grow more and create more. It allowed the calmer and softer feminine side of me to surface peacefully along side my more rugged chaotic side.

Creating these pieces is my way of adding to the world in a positive way, and of communicating with those around me in a way I cannot do by other means. Above all, it creates a balance in me, allowing me to see the world with a deeper breath.

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