YayFuzzy Visuals

As a visual artist, the only thing fuzzy about YayFuzzy Visuals is YayFuzzy himself. YayFuzzy builds on a foundation of over 25 years of technical lighting and experience in the film and television industry. YayFuzzy is taking years of painting with light into the full spectrum now.

YayFuzzy Visuals has participated in many local and international events: Genius Loci Festival ’15, Leyenda ’14, Envision Festival ’13, BEquinox ’13-’15 MyOasis ’13-’15, Youtopia ’13-’15, and Lucidity in “Nomads Nook” ’13.

This year YayFuzzy Visuals will be in the Nomads Nook adding to their after dark environment. We are bringing a new section of The Unicorn Lair and Rainbowtron, designed by Travis Payne of Camp Charlie. We also hope to open the projections to some of the attending digital artists to live collaborate their artwork into the visual mix.

Leading the Nomads Nook village is Mayor Nick Coss. The Nook will be a day and night playground for all the Wild Monkeys at Lucidity Crossroads. The returning designer and key collaborator will be Fish Izzo joined by his build team from the Start Project. Start Project is an exciting new way to collaborate artists, community and individual human genius for the greater good.

It really does take a village to make a village. Crossroads ’16

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