Mr. Crumbs

I’m a 26 year old from Colorado and have been live painting for about 4 years. I love painting but really enjoy the aspect of doing it live at shows. When I paint I try to channel the energy created between the music and the crowd and put it onto my canvas. I see my works as windows or doorway into places others have been searching for. Knowledge that flows through me for others to take in.

Artist Statement

My work is mostly abstract surrealism but I like to dabble in all sorts of styles. My mission is to share as much beauty with the world as I possibly can. I have painted at Lunar Burn 2014, Gem and Jam 2015, Sonic Bloom 2015, Arise 2015, Blissfall, Art Outside 2015, and have painted at many shows at local venues in Colorado such as Shpongle, Russ liquid, Xxyyxx, Sunsquabi, Omega, BUKU, Desert Dwellers, Kalya Scintilla, Moon Frog, The Main Squeeze, New Master Sounds, YAMN, The Mantras, Project Aspect, Unlimited Gravity and The Werks. Just in the past few months, I paint everyday for at least 8 hours and am constantly out live painting, it’s what I live to do.

Festival Locations:

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