A C Ember

A C Ember has a photographic style between surreal and hyperreal, especially in the remix series where layered photographs create unexpected relationships which invite the viewer to play with their perception. By synthesizing unrelated moments across time in rich detailed color, each piece is constructed as a creative mirror for the audience to indulge in a sense of surprise. Confronting themes of semiotics, mysticism, synesthesia & transcending time through synchronicity during his creative process, Ember ultimately crafts artwork to open the observer’s mind, where light subsumes thought to re-cast the soul in its original wordless image. Drawn to large scale printing on traditional chromogenic papers, modern metal-print technology & lenticular flip prints, Ember’s favorite way to present work is slideshows in the 35mm format, from which most of the images originate. His persistent avoidance of genre and labels in the environment of the multicultural San Francisco Bay Area art scene has resulted in a body of work too open to be pinned down but too intuitive to be denied.

Artist Statement

Since first stumbling upon the layering effect within glass slides in 2009 after working with them for years, I have had many times where I see a familiar format in such a suddenly new way that it takes an entirely new meaning. It’s this feeling of novelty, of the world changing in your mind, that keeps me in excited exploration of art. As I come into greater understanding of where the art originates from and how to better align my work with my lifestyle, I seek to continuously refine & distill my presentation.
Highschool taught me how to think like a scientist, college forced me to learn how to express myself through art, and re-educating myself through direct experience pulling from manifold philosophies across time about the human body have forced me to learn how to heal my inner division. I recognize this path as the overcoming of our highly divided and specialized modalities within academia, and dancing into a harmony of philosophy, just as the shaman represents the unity of the scientist, artist and healer. Currently I am interested in moving out of the scarcity city based paradigm into the abundant nature reality where wholeness is continuously exemplified. However, I recognize that my path is one of empathizing with those who have suffered similar strains on their consciousness, and the move nature is not that of a recluse, but that of a bridge-builder.
My mission is to help people remEmber who they are on an æthereal level so that we can use collective inner-gnosis of wholeness to transcend the scarcity scientific model of Time. To make work whose intuitive impact transcend language boundary, and the need for description in order to be appreciated. To sublimate my inner processes into a harmony with my work that creates a creative body whose depth reflects the mystery within the perceiver.

My past experience involves being creative director, curator, installer, event-host and co-founder of an art gallery warehouse collective known as The SUB in San Francisco from 2009-2015. I have 7 years of showcasing at various venues around the San Francisco Bay Area including solo-show installations, 35mm slide shows in movie theaters and pop-up venues. Extensive road trip travel across the United States and a special love for, busking, a type of musical street performing with a metal tank drum.


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