Chocolate David

Buffalo native with Costa Rican roots, He made his way to San Francisco from New York then down to Los Angeles and back again. He’s made a career out of his adolescent art boy dreams to bring a comic and street-art inspired, urban-industrial wonderland wrought with angst, humor, desire and political consciousness to the forefront of his work.

David has been painting at live events for over 5 years and recently had his painting featured on several music websites. His ability to capture the essence and passion behind their music in his UV interactive painting has been a growing and inspirational journey and he hopes to continue to bring his gifts to share with festivals and art galleries around the world.

Artist Statement

My work explores the relationship with the musician and the artist, extending to the viewer, dancer, participant. The UV interaction as well as the Live Art aspect of the process, sometime even being a learning process among both viewer and artist.


Festival Locations:

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