Douglas Kleinsmith

Douglas Kleinsmith is a 2D visual artist based out of Davis, California. His artistic influences began in graffiti at a young age, where bright colors and bold lines dominated his visual language. He has painted over 25 murals throughout California, and is still an active writer today. Currently an art student at University of California Davis, Douglas is currently interested in exploring process art and its potential in creating more honest and intuitive work, evoking emotional reactions from the viewer. Inspired by the manifestos of abstract expressionists and fauvists, his process involves a dramatic shift in thinking: choosing spontaneity and feeling, over analyzing and thinking. Reminiscent of art therapy and the potential of the creative process to unlock a collective emotional intelligence, Douglas uses art as a means to explore the self and through his own filter, attempts to help others do the same.

Artist Statement

As an artist, my art has both shaped me as a person, and has also reflected the changes I have undergone. Like my mind, body and soul, my art has changed. A visual map of my perceptions and aspirations over the years. The way I communicate, the things I believe in, and what I value are exemplified in transformational festivals, and consequently my art thrives and is appreciated most in that environment.

I have found painting at festivals to be an extremely rewarding and fulfilling experience. The people I connect with, all the goodness I give and receive, are all reflected in my art. The process and experience, being far more rewarding than the product.

I have painted at many transformational festivals including; Lightning In a Bottle, Woogie Weekend, Still Dream, Transcendence, Lunar Transit, as well as many more events throughout California.

I find that the experience is not just about the product, but a huge part of it is about the viewers, the people who are looking and who interact with me. The countless opportunities to share what I’ve learned with my creative endeavors and the insight that I receive from others in unexpected ways.

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