Imago Dei

The art of Imago Dei explores internal connections. If you view his canvases, you’ll experience a sense of shifting from simply seeing to an internal interaction between you and the art. The experience begins within the eye but quickly travels along inward roads. The images transmute as they make the journey through your conscious and subconscious, eventually resonating in a place of spiritual connection. Upon seeing this art you become ” activated ” in a personal way.

Native American sand paintings sparked what Imago Dei’s art has become. The composing of a painting is that of an active prayer, done by a shaman as an act. The process of the painting is as important as the finished product. Using this process with awareness and intent, the artist can create an energy used to heal and transform.

The emphasis of this art is the tranquility of life with a hint of our immortal nature. Studying oriental art uses the collective experience of Nature to enable the artist to express its essence. Imago encodes his philosophical teachings in color and symbol to engage us with the external experience of our own divine spirituality through the higher self. Spiritual, healing, visionary and uplifting, Imago’s works represent painting as prayer, connecting us all to an image of the divine. Imago Dei received a Bachelor of Science in 1987, a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts in 1990, and completed the Advanced Studies Program in 1990 from The Art Institute of Chicago.

Artist Statement

I am a original old school visionary artist. A graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago and have been painting for 40 years now. Participating in art and gallery show with artist like Robert Venosa, Martin Hoffmann, Stanley Mouse and Alex Grey. My work is about spiritual awakening through archetypal and symbolic imagery.

My paintings are created to awaken the viewer’s subconscious to hidden knowledge lead with the second intellect. The intellect of the body, a far greater intellect than the my reaching back to the very being of time/space. I use sacred geometry and ancient symbols for many years to awaken viewers and to access their Hokseida, one’s higher self, to find divine peace and one’s inner knowledge. I have been studying and working with shamanic principles and teachers for over 30 years. I am a leader of sacred rituals in my home communities, but do not accept money. I am currently writing a book of sacred alchemy and will start talks and lectures this summer on ‘The True Sacred Alchemy of the Divine Path to Immortality’ and will be incorporating it with my spiritual art.

The stories I tell and you will hear you my have never heard before. I have a unique way of going to the core of truth, coach be my teacher. I know visionary art has become a fad now , yet I feel have a unique depth of knowledge cultivated over decades which is relevant and important to the special time we are in now. I have also studied many cultures and spent 20 years studying the art of Zen with my master, teaching in Japanese Calligraphy and incorporating that style of thought throughout most of my work. I develop Japanese calligraphy writing free hand on some of the final paintings to convey some of their hidden meanings. All my painting speak about the esoteric arts and our potential as divine beings.


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