Lindsay Carron

Lindsay grew up in Wisconsin where the appreciation of nature and adventure became deeply engrained. Her move cross-country to her present home in Los Angeles opened many doors, beginning with her education at Pepperdine University and continuing through her numerous global journeys. Lindsay is honored to take on the role of artist as visionary as she travels to dynamically different areas of the planet to absorb the knowledge held in the elements, plants, animals, and people of these lands. These seeds of wisdom are then shared with a global audience through her pen and ink drawings, murals, installations, and experimental embodiment of art.

Lindsay has collaborated with communities on public art projects from New York to Kenya and has participated in gallery shows throughout the United States. Lindsay’s meticulously rendered images and playful practices coax us out of the concrete cage of domestication and ignite a deep remembering of the wild within, so that we may be guided by instinct and intuition and live with courageous, untamed hearts. Deeply engrained in her creations are tools for masterful living, so that when the times demand it, we can, without fear, take the necessary leap into a new vision of coexistence.

Artist Statement

Life as an artist to me synonymously means being a public figure. I feel a strong responsibility to share the knowledge that I garner on my visits to different areas of the world. Therefore, I engage the public through my website, email, Facebook, and Instagram in addition to creative offerings. Most recently, I guided landscape painting excursions in Juneau, Alaska with Adventure Flow ( I was honored a solo exhibition at Juneau Arts and Humanities Council, where I created a 7-ft long drawing live and engaged audiences with interactive installations and soundscapes.

Prior to Juneau, I led a group of artists on a one-month expedition to Kenya where we painted five murals, did interviews and portraits of community members, documented through photographs and film, and taught workshops to college students. This was the most recent venture of the social enterprise called In Relation, which I founded with a fellow artist in 2014 ( Prior to Kenya, the organization has painted murals, created short videos, and brought community outreach projects to Mexico and Los Angeles.

In 2014 I received a grant to paint four murals on storm drains in Malibu, California calling attention to urban runoff and the effects on marine ecosystems. I gave a speech on this topic during the mural revelation led by the mayor of Malibu. In continuation, I painted a storm drain mural for The Whale Museum on San Juan Island during SuperPod4 and gave talks on orca conservation. I will be returning to the island this spring to paint a mural on the side of The Whale Museum.

My heart burns for the wildest areas of the planet. This is what has fueled my travels thus far and haunts me like a wolf’s howl to continue. The knowledge held in the history of the people of a land, in the mountains, the plants and the animals will seed strong creations and will contribute powerfully to the artistic path I have chosen: one of adventure, discovery, vulnerability, connection, and profound creation.


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