Mari Shibuya

Mari Shibuya’s drawings focus on the dissolution of external and internal boundaries and the rich creative capacity humans possess. Informed by the use of perspective and geometric line work, Shibuya blends the organic movement of the ethereal with structural components of our modern time to comment on the interplay of the forces that empress upon our energetic bodies, sculpting how we inhabit this dimension.

Shibuya is a graduate of The Evergreen State College with a BA in Philosophy and Psychology and presently studies contemporary art at Gage Academy in Seattle where she works, loves and lives.

Artist Statement

I see the human being as a conduit. My work is all about the exploration of how we may fine tune our channels to become an optimal conductor of information and inspiration. I have long been fascinated by the elusive source of thought and the energetic body. Both interests have a strong presence in my work.

My mission is to inspire creative authorship and empowerment within myself and those I come into contact with, specifically youth. How we inhabit the future depends on how we may creatively envision it from our present point of contact. How we show up in our lives comes from how we create our personal story and respond to the mediums life hands you. Here in Seattle I do youth empowerment work through mentoring and teen arts programs in addition to being a student of the arts. These are all crucial components that fuel my creative drive. Additionally, I am fueled by collaboration with other artist. I am part of a collective that paints collaboratively, live, at local warehouse parties and other music events around Seattle. I have also shown art and done live art at Cascadia, a local music festival this past summer.

When thinking about being at the crossroads, I think of not only bone thugs N harmony, but also how re-conceptualizing the soul and the purpose of life is a crucial component to the transformation we, collectively, are engaging in. We need a conception that transcends the egocentric influences of our consumer capitalistic conditioning, emphasizing the cultivation of the Self and cooperation rather than competition. Connecting with the eternal nature of Self and focusing on coming from a space of feeling grounded in your purpose is crucial for that. My work is about this eternal, internal space and our journey through the feedback loop of leaving and coming back to center.

Big love to all of you!

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