Rebecca Holland

Rebecca Holland began following her path as an artist at a very early age. A self-taught artist, her paintings are inspired by the beauty of the light in the redwood forest above the ocean near Half Moon Bay where she lives and works.

Rebecca has always been excited about experimenting and creating art outside of the traditional media. Two of her best known designs are the cover of Neil Young’s Harvest Moon, and the famous Crazy Horse logo. She was art director for the 1990-91 tour, and the logo backdrops toured with Neil Young and Crazy Horse’s last tour. The logo design is also found on the album, Psychedelic Pill. She has created many other designs for rock art T-shirts, hats, pins, posters, ads and billboards.

For Seventeen years, Rebecca was also the Art Director at Lobitos Creek Ranch and Steve Michelson Productions. Her portfolio includes an organic style of logo design for her clients. She has contributed art to many environmental film projects, including Burning the Future, Oil in America, River of Renewal, Sound of the Soul and many others.

Recently, she has returned full time to her true love: the joy of painting. These canvases are filled with color and a luminous magic light. They evoke a love of the land and they celebrate the amazing beauty of our natural world.

Artist Statement

I began selling drawings at the age of 9. I have been making a living selling art all my long life. I am now 74 and have not slowed down one bit. I have traveled with artists to many countries, painting and selling art on the street. I also spent some years in big galleries in La Haina, on Fisherman’s Wharf, in Reno and Las Vegas.

Many years ago when the big recession hit, I left the Gallery Scene and began selling only to people I knew or met personally, or through my website. My media is oil on canvas, my subjects are light in nature, but I have done many other things as well. I have a large body of organic graphic work, including Rock Art, Logos, and graphics for environmental films. What I have to share most is my joy of life and my willingness to share my very personal experiences with others.

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