Riotpolis is about surrendering to the present moment, to the magic of the natural world surrounding us that we are inherently a part of. It isn’t about denying the problems of the world or blindly focusing on positivity, but about acknowledging that there is much more out there, and that we are but children in a vast and mysterious universe. Rio seeks to remind you of what is possible by sharing a vivid and mystical world beyond the everyday mundane. After traveling to festivals around the globe, these paintings enter a new chapter at Lucidity Festival, where they will help co-create a portal of infinite possibilities!

Artist Statement

My mission is to inspire and uplift those around me with my artwork. I draw inspiration from the nature and the supernatural, dreams, alternate dimensions,world travel, and past/future lives. I seek to show people a magical reality that already exists all around us, and to remind them ofwhat is possible.

I have traveled around the world sharing my artwork and live painting at events such as Transition Festival in Spain, Global Aura Festival in the Netherlands, and Coexist Festival in northern California.

Festival Locations:

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