Telopa Treloky

Telopa is a traditional oil painter born and raised around SF bay area. He is Visually Influenced by the Mannerism painting school of Fontainebleau, and was classically trained at the Academy of Art in SF.

His conceptual ideas come from mythological symbolic allegorical themes he has studied from his personal travels around the world. Painting in magical regions such Santa Fe, New Mexico, and in the Mediterranean are rejuvenating to his art process, as well as painting live among wide eyed expanding motivated minds at Festival such as Lucidity.

Artist Statement

I like to bring the element of connection through the process of turning the observer into the artist. I allow my audience to participate in the process of creating my paintings. Children, adults and creatures of all kinds are able to become a part of the art, as I allow them to add mediums and paint to my canvas, with my guidance.

Art should be accessible to everyone and I intend to bring that ethic to my live painting experiences.

Festival Locations:

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