Timo Beckwith

Timo Beckwith is an extremely diverse creative artist and musician with accomplished work in many forms including: Mask Making, Sculpture, Video, Painting, Sculptural Lighting, Costume Design, Theatre Production Design, Sculptural Lighting Pieces, and Photography.
His work has been exhibited widely at galleries from San Diego to San Francisco.

In the last several years his photographic and video explorations have taken an increasingly prominent seat in this prolific artists work. You can see around 250 images in twelve portfolios at his web site but the work he will show at Lucidity is very current. It’s not viewable on his web site and with the exception of a couple pieces this work has not been exhibited before.

Timo is also a highly original world fusion musician. You may have seen him perform here at Lucidity Festival as one of the founding members of World Wind playing live music for Ecstatic Dance.

Artist Statement

The primary inspiration in this work is an exploration of the hidden structures and forms within the natural world. Through these photographic processes new mysteries of the natural world are reveled. The purely abstract pieces evolved from creating background images to be animated and merged with dancers for video projection.

At this point I’m merging many of these abstract images with still images from a group of photos called the Goddess Works Project. That work is about honoring, revealing, and responding to the beauty, power, magic and mystery of the divine feminine. I’m also attempting to bring a quality of grace back into the imagery of the Goddess, which has been so well expressed in ancient art, but extremely lacking in popular culture, particularly in advertising. Merging abstract nature based work with the Goddesses adds a very mysterious and poetic quality that seems to be a perfect fit!

This work is printed with an archival dye sublimation process on aluminum which adds great durability to the work and tremendous visual punch as light bounces off the substrata and through the dye to your eye!

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