Vajra is a self-taught visionary artist from Coastal Southern California. Drawing inspiration from across cultures, space and time, Vajra’s art is a synthesis of timeless knowledge, contemporary aesthetics and his own unique vision. He has been drawing since he was born, and in 2009 began painting in acrylic to bring his visions fully to life. Since he was a child Vajra has been mesmerized by the dazzling beauty and complexity of life in all its forms and equally distraught by its destruction. It is this fierce love that motivates him as an artist: his brush is moved by the joy and sorrow of our planet. Through his paintings Vajra shares his thoughts and feelings, mind and heart – his philosophy – with the world. Common themes of his art are the awakening of the heart, the union of polarity, and the responsibility we have to the earth and our fellow earthlings. He creates art for the betterment of all beings, that we may better understand ourselves, each other, and how we can work together to create the world we’ve always known was possible. May his art find a home at the altar of your heart.

Artist Statement

I only make a painting if I feel like it will change the world for the better. My way of life is creation, moving matter until meaning is created. Few things bring me as much joy as opening this window into the creative process for others. By painting live, I am supported by the awe, joy and praise of onlookers, whose energy works through me and into the painting. It also allows me the opportunity to talk and connect directly with my fanbase. Whether they are artists asking how I accomplished an effect, or pure art lovers going deep into the story behind the painting, I relish each opportunity to connect and talk about the art. When people see a work of art in formation, they become a part of the process whether they know it or not, moving art from something that is seen to something that is experienced.

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