Vera Gould

Vera Gould is a young emerging artist based in Berkeley, California. She is half-Vietnamese and was born in Paris in the year of the monkey. She earned a B.A. in chemistry and mathematics from Williams College, but upon graduating decided to pursue her true calling.

This year, one of her paintings was featured on a billboard in Los Angeles, and she recently had a solo show at Artists’ Television Access in San Francisco. In her spare time, Vera likes to sing Vietnamese folk songs, contemplate metaphysics, and play Bach on the violin.

Vera’s paintings are flowing with spontaneous energy, bold calligraphic strokes, and natural beauty. She describes her process as an improvisational dance. She believes that creativity does not arise in the isolated mind, but is instead a force that penetrates all of existence. For her, art is simply about surrendering to this energy.

Artist Statement

My work is a spiritual practice. When I begin to paint, I let go of control and make room for whatever wishes to arise. My finished pieces are simply a record of a spontaneous process that occurred.

I am most inspired to paint when I am in the middle of an energetic crowd. I feel that I can absorb the sights, the sounds, the smells, and transmute my sensory experience into art. This is the reason that I love to paint live. Not only does my audience get to witness the creative process, they are a participants in it, for they are the creators of the wild energy permeating the present time and place.

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