Embodiment & Leadership

"Free Together: Leading Towards Our Ancient Future” with Samantha Sweetwater

You have seen the Ancient | Future. You carry the codes of the New Earth in your soul. Now what? Are you ready to engage your sacred purpose as an art of joy and daring? Are you ready to co-create what you know to be True?

Our World needs embodied leaders with the courage and humility to put Life at the center of the Circle, to navigate by the guidance of soul and spirit, and to create in the context of constant change. We need effective tools to stay awake, to co-create, to be healers, to be magicians. As builders of the New Earth, we steward a culture of belonging, a culture of place, and a culture of radical possibility. We weave trust and vision in a constantly emergent context.

Einstein said, “No problem can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it.” Free Together will shake up your previous concepts and identities, give you powerful and practical tools to support long term growth for you and your community, and recenter your purpose and action in the Ancient | Future vision you hold in your heart.


  • Evolutionary Freedom: Healing Intimacy with Self, Sacred Other, Community & Nature
  • The Art of Listening: Instinct, Intuition, Observation, Imagination & Empathy
  • Your Unique Soul Purpose
  • Dancing Freedom: Core Practice for the New Village
  • Feminine Leadership for Men & Women
  • How to Create Ceremony

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About the Instructor(s)

  • Headshot of Samantha Sweetwater

    Samantha Sweetwater

    Loved internationally for her infectious capacity to initiate joy-fueled transformation, Samantha Sweetwater is a community co-creator, soul guide and spiritual leader. As the creatrix of a global movement of Dancing Freedom™ spanning six continents and touching hundreds of thousands of lives, she is passionate about supporting people to awaken who they really are and to their power to change the world through purposeful action. Her expertise lies in facilitating a living bridge between spiritual experience and engaged living. She helps people to be and create what they know to be True. She invites a profound return to the body, to planet earth and to the Mystery as safe and sacred places to live, love and co-create.

    While she is best known as the founder of Dancing Freedom, her leadership has bridged awakening, ecology, justice and inspired action in diverse communities since 1994. A shortlist of her passionate engagement includes co-founding of C.E.L.L. Space, a 7,000 square foot interdisciplinary arts, innovation and community space (San Francisco, 1996-2014), the co-founding of the Australian International Contact Improvisation Convergence (Byron Bay, 2003-present), founding of the PeaceBody School Japan (Tokyo and Kobe, 2006-2010), work with the Indigenous Peoples of Costa Rica to create a Peace Treaty with the Planet under United Nations Protocol (2012), development of a national-scale training for Social Entrepreneurs in Ecuador (2013), and co-managing community on a 40 acre Biodynamic farm (2014-15). She holds a Masters in Wisdom Spirituality with a focus on Eco-Shamanic Trauma Mentoring.

    She lives from the simple mantra: Oneness Excludes Nothing. In this embrace, a Wisdom Civilization may be born. As within, so without. As without so within. As above, so below. As below, so above. She is currently working on her first book to be released in 2016. www.SamanthaSweetwater.com