Reiki Healing 1 & 2

"Ascended Reiki - Levels 1 & 2" with Astarius Miraculii

Reiki Master, Astarius Miraculii’s guides you through this intereactive Reiki 1 & 2 intensive and attunement. Astarius’s style of teaching Reiki quickens the Ascension Frequency assisting you to express your “Divine Nature” and be more in charge of your “Life Direction”.

During these trainings you will receive personal attunements along with hands-on instruction beginning with the First Level where you learn the basic art of transmitting healing energy to self and others. In the Second Level you learn use Reiki symbols in distant healing, sending healing energy forward in time, backward in time and across space supporting any past traumas to be healed and clearing the way for now and future vitality. Reiki re-writes the cellular memory with Ascended Light! Join us for this potent course and receive the gift of a deepening connection to your own healing Source.


  • Ascended Reiki
  • Express your Divine Nature
  • Harness your Life Direction
  • Healing Energy Transmission

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About the Instructor(s)

  • Head shot of Astarius Miraculii

    Astarius Miraculii

    Astarius Miraculii has facilitated the Spiritual Community for more than 40 years. He is a Didgeridoo/VocalHarmonic Sound Healer, Musician, Poet, Astrologer, Reiki Master Teacher and Recording Artist with 17 CDs and 2 books. He has done Healings and Readings for thousands of people, been featured on radio and television and has given presentations for festivals, schools, churches, sales organizations, social functions, correctional institutions and Goddess groups.