Courseweek FAQ’s

Welcome to Courseweek FAQ’s. We hope to answer most of your questions here.

Is the courseweek on the same site as Lucidity Festival?

Yes it will take place at Live Oak Campground April 4-7 while Lucidity Festival is being built.

When should i plan to arrive?

Arrival for students is meant to take place on April 3rd as instruction begins bright and early on the 4th.

Do i need separate tickets to the courseweek and the festival?

Yes. In the event that you purchased the “Education + Celebration” Full Lucid Experience Bundle ticket type, you will still be sent a separate e-ticket for your individual course. You may use the Experience Bundle ticket to check in to the Festival. Bring Both!

Can I enroll in more than one class?

No. The classes are occurring simultaneously in our Lucid University. Each involves 8 hours of instruction for 3 days, and there will be a morning closing ceremony on April 7th. You may only enroll in one class. Choose wisely.

Is camping included?

Yes. You will be asked to camp within the Lucid University designated camping area.

Can I camp anywhere on the grounds?

No. The festival grounds will be an active construction site. For your safety we ask that you camp in the designated Lucid University camping area. You may move to a different campsite in the afternoon of April 7th before the festival early arrivals show up.

Is food included?

Yes, we will feed you 3 delicious Seasonal Organic Local meals per day during your class days, featuring all ethically sourced foods prepared with love in our Mindful Feeding Commissary. If you wish to continue to be fed through the festival, you will need to purchase a Mindful Feeding Commissary Pass.

Is parking included?

There will be a $20 parking fee per car, but this will work for the festival as well. If you have a car camping pass or RV pass, you will be permitted to bring your car up onsite during the courseweek at no extra fee.

Pre-purchase your $20 parking fee now on our Buy Tickets page!

Can I bring a companion?

Only if that companion is also enrolled in the courseweek or are volunteering with the Festival build. No extra guests beyond that are permitted onsite during this time.

Can I come for the Courseweek but not the festival?

We strongly encourage participants to enjoy the courseweek and the festival together, as the experiences are designed to compliment each other. In the event that you cannot stay for the festival, we can make special arrangements for you, but you must communicate this to us in advance.

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