Darlene Baker

I discovered my passion as a massage therapist back in 2003. Since that time I have worked in many different places from where I first went to school in Virgina Beach, Virgina to where I currently work in Ojai, California. I have had the incredible opportunity to work in many diverse settings such as small healing centers and big four star resorts. I went back to school for my bachelors degree in psychology back in 2012, but after graduating found myself called to return to massage as a healer once again and am now even more motivated to learn and grow as a hands on healer.


  • Deep Tissue
  • General Massage & Bodywork
  • Reflexology

Healing Description

Darlene heals with intention focused through her hands. Every person she touch receives her utmost focused attention and purest intentions. Her techniques includes a mix of many modalities learned throughout the years and is custom tailored to each person and situation.

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