Sean Hatch

Sean loves getting people on the massage table and watching the magic that’s waiting to be revealed. This can be a deep breathe of release, twitching in the body, a realization, or the person on the table having visions. He feels like his role is to allow you to be in that space in between being awake and asleep where the body knows exactly what to do to get back to its balanced state. You are your own healer. Whatever happens Sean is here to hold a safe space with love and compassion. If you have some soreness or stiffness he can work that out and release tension with Trigger Point Therapy.

Sean gets blissful feelings when he has been holding someones spine and the connection has deepened, in the stillness he feels the life force in waves flowing through the body and something deep within him knows that we are all the same.


  • Craniosacral
  • General Massage & Bodywork
  • Medical Qi-Gong

Healing Description

Sean’s approach to healing is to create space for the client to feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed so they are able to unwind as they are ready. His healing style is to massage and loosen up the body to prepare for deeper relaxation while holding the spine.

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