Cumulus has his roots in the underground full moon party scene of Santa Barbara, California, in the 2000s. He began to capture the audiences of these events with gorgeous sunrise sets and incredibly technical 2x4s, blending drum and bass with dub, trance, breakbeat, and trip hop.
As a dj, he is ever the genre changeling, yet in recent years he’s focused his production into the minimal/techy sub-genres of of drum and bass, dubstep, and west coast bass music.

If you’re not into bass music, you’ll probably still really like catching one of Cumulus’ sets.
You may have seen him spinning a 4 hour drum and bass set at a festival near the bay area last year, being likely one of the only djs playing dnb there. That is to say, he’s got a unique taste in drum and bass that is selectively danceable; it is psychedelic, soulful, dark, and surprisingly accessible. Not to say you wont find him fearlessly tossing you from your ‘safe place’ into a dark & twisted land of sonic psychosis, but he finds a way to make you quite a willing participant.


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