Dub Sutra

Known for creating magical journeys through oceans of sound and waves of bass, Dub Sutra is an eclectic mix of electronic dub downtempo with harmonizing chant and live instruments perfect for chill, yoga, lounge and moving meditation.

Dub Sutra is the project of husband and wife super duo Chris and Charlotte Proud, and their worldly array of poets and guest musicians. Their album, “The Rise of Downtempo” is an hour long continuous mix of deep down tempo music that is a listening favorite for yogis and spiritually-minded people all over the world. From performances at internationally-acclaimed visionary arts festivals, to digital plays and DJ sets, Dub Sutra’s music has uplifted hundreds of thousands of listeners around the globe.

Whether you are practicing yoga, meditating or simply welcoming a wave of peace into a busy day, Dub Sutra’s music invites you to enjoy the wholeness and grace of the musical moment.


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