Future Relic

Prolific producers don’t always equal quality producers–for all the truly talented artists releasing consistent work these days, there are hordes Soundcloud heads releasing a torrential stream of reheated crap and blog-baiting remixes onto the web. Rest assured, Future Relic ain’t that dude.

Although the man known as Future Relic (born Taylor Lane) has become possibly the most prolific producer working out of the 805 over the last month, his music has, of late, acquired a quality pretty much unparalleled among unsigned house artists. Mining an artistic territory similar to artists like Shadow Child, Druid Cloak, and Dusky, Future Relic’s latest pieces showcase crisp percussive grooves, carefully carved bass lines, and a professional-level attention to sonic atmosphere.

Those atmospheres, by the way, may just be Relic’s strongsuit. On his latest track, titled “Starbloom Skies” (released today), Lane bravely breaks the song down around the 1:30 mark, creating a huge cavern of reverb and expertly engineered stereo touches. When the song suddenly hits back into its main groove, we get a cabinet-shaking bass punch that would play well on just about any sound system. Beautiful bell percussion lingers somewhere toward the back of the mix, showing Lane has been doing his homework on how to create dark, sensuous ambience without the listener even noticing.

It’s about time Future Relic receives recognition as the producer of the moment in our area (at the very least, he must be the most hard-working). Someone get this man pressed to vinyl already!


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