Indigo River

Indigo River is an instrument for the flow of honest music, combining soul and pristine harmonies to uplift and connect people.

Larisa Gosla is a singer/songwriter and sound healer with a diverse and extensive background in the creative arts including dancing, acting, and stunts. She has been blessed to have travelled nationally and internationally with a music outreach company teaching workshops of music, dance, and connection to the community. She has a deep passion for using sound and her music to inspire and empower others to live in their truth.

Jamee Berg is a neuroscientist at UCLA who studies Autism Spectrum Disorders and performs music at night. She has performed in bands for several years, including an acappella group ‘Gimble and the Wade’, a community outreach band ‘Rock Stars for Kids’, and recently an soul/acoustic band ‘Beachside.’ She is passionate about healing through music and empowering others in her community through arts and science.


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