Lynx began her DJing career in Philadelphia in 2011 and continued her passion for DJing once reaching college at UCSB and continues to pursue and evolve her music taste to represent her attachment and love for music. Lynx has a unique DJing style of blending bass heavy, dubstep and up-and-coming progressive trap styles.

Lynx’s song choices and DJing style are meant to reach the soul of herself and her listeners. Lynx DJs to give the listener a thoughtful musical listening experience full of heavy baselines and a mix of dubstep and trap styles to keep the listener entertained and immersed. Her DJing aims to strike a balance between a transcending musical experience with beats that keep the crowd dancing and connected to the music. Lynx’s DJing aims to fulfill listeners both musically and spiritually and to bring herself and her listeners on a thoughtful musical journey through her mixes


Festival Locations:

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