Maz Karandish

Maz is a devotee of music and a multi-instrumentalist covering grounds from Raga and Maqam to Harmony and Jazz. He utilizes many instruments to bring the various forms of music to life and has been most active in exploring the sitar as it is expressed in the Vilayat Khani tradition of North India. In addition, Maz plays Oud( Ancient Lute), Turkish Saz, and Persian Tar with the Santa Barabara Middle Eastern Ensemble where he specializes in Near East, Persian, and Turkish repertoire.

Music Therapy Component-

Maz is a clinical psychologist in training and considers his musical expression to be a representation of acoustic therapy. Utilizing the DEE (Discharging of Emotional Energy) model, he aims to create a space for psychological integration and emotional processing for the listener. The goal of this music is to transcend the individual to a place of peaceful reflections and mind-expanding perceptions.

Mindfulness-Based Music Therapy

Mindful awareness is a core value that is central to the music Maz shares with the audience. This mindful musical experience in continuously outlined throughout the performance. The listeners are asked to be present with their breath and acknowledge their experiences in the immediacy of the creative moment.


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