Radio Skies

Radio Skies is a Folk Roots Electronic Psychedelia band from the mountains of Ojai, CA.

Inspired by the songwriting of Paul Simon, the electronic landscapes of Brian Eno and the spirit of the Grateful Dead, Radio Skies emerged in the summer of 2015 with performances in and around the Ojai Valley that consistently attracted growing crowds of devoted fans. Honing their craft in a shack hidden away in an orange grove, the band would emerge once a week for legendary shows at the Deer Lodge, a former biker bar tucked away on Highway 33.

As word spread through town, people came to feel the power of exploratory, fearless highly trained musicianship grounded in finely-crafted songwriting. To hear the organic-electronic beats and dreamscapes created by keyboardist/wizard Oliver Newell (He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister) meet the the raw rock and roll drumming of Erin “Syd” Sidney (Mia Dyson). They stayed to lose themselves in Daniel Wright’s deeply personal songwriting and haunting voice, perfectly matched by harmonies from his lifelong friend bassist Ethan Glazer, both recently reunited after the dissolution of their Song Preservation Society. As the night passed and the dance floor swelled with neighbors and friends, Eric Sullivan (Lissie) would unfurl another razor sharp guitar line, bringing the room to a trance-funk-soul peak and the night felt like it would never end.

Radio Skies debut release is coming in early 2016.


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