Timo Beckwith & Friends

Timo Beckwith performs extremely original exotic and entrancing music as a solo artist and with groups including World Wind Live Music for Ecstatic Dance. They’ve played at Lucidity several times, at festivals and diverse dance venues on the West coast and beyond. He also performed with Calinambe and Human – Human for many years. His playing is influenced by ethnic, jazz and folk sounds from across the earth. Timo’s music is highly original and always includes improvisation. He plays hand percussion, flute and the eight stringed Gourd Ennanga (an instrument he built inspired by the Ugandan Ennanga).

Many people think his vocals sound like an African language. However, he describes, “My singing comes from a state of surrender to something I can’t define. It flows through an opening reveled to me many years ago, during long solo sessions of trance drumming.”

Timo has recorded three albums which can be found on multiple sites and at CD Baby. His most recent album, TIMO SOLO, is composed entirely of live acoustic tracks performed in real time. Others albums are CALINAMBE and HUMAN-HUMAN.

Timo is also an accomplished visual artist in many mediums. Some of his photographic works can be seen this year in the gallery here at Lucidity.


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