Inspired by the mosaic of human experience, Tropo combines live instruments with electronic dance music to create a chameleon sound and connected-space that evolves with the listener. Born in 2008 as a solo project by Tyson Leonard to integrate his relentless passion for playing violin with composing dance music, Tropo has grown into a live jamtronica trio that layers and genre-splices classical with funk, house with jazz, and blues with world beats into a sound that is both heard and felt.

Tropo gained popularity in the flow-arts community at transformational festivals around California as a live act playing original, intricate compositions. Oftentimes the only live band in between DJ sets, Tropo found its niche by providing the audience with a unique experience that encourages the use of dance as a way to connect the human family in a non-judgmental, symbiotic, limitless environment.


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