World Wind

World Wind delivers a soulful blend of exotic improvisational world grooves from slow trance to hot and thumpin’ creating an interactive, expressive exchange with the dancers and audience. These seasoned players have performed at diverse venues including: Symbiosis, Lucidity, Mystic Garden Party, LIB and Phases of the Moon festivals, Esalen Institute, The Ojai foundation, Ashkenaz and ecstatic dance venues throughout the state.
Ryan Herr, Timo Beckwith, Viking Burkhiser, Andrew Wise and friends deliver the unique sounds of World Wind with exotic trance vocals, African harp, shruti box, flutes, world percussion, Middle Eastern saz, Chinese cornet, guitar, bass and sax, Klimba and electronics.


Opps we are and improv band so no tracks for you

Festival Locations:

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