The Sensational Vibrations that emanate from YAIMA materialize from an unconventional Spectrum of History. Producer Masaru Higasa was born on the mystical island of Okinawa, Japan where he was first inspired to play the music of his ancestors- He brings a deeply Resonating history through multicultural traditional instruments and offers a backbone of enticing beats that get the body moving. Pepper Proud was raised in a small community in the Southern Appalachian Mountains, where her love For storytelling and her roots grew deep in traditional Folk Music, Engagaing and pleasant as a Lark, her words and instrumentation interlace the music with a visionary outline – A simple story for the Journey. Jeff Kimes – calls to our auditory sense with deeply vibrational sounds of the Didgeridoo, seamless Biological Beats and Gracefully Versed Percussion. Together they combine genres like indie-folk-tronic, psy-ambient, dub-pop and weave a smooth groove of soothing melodies, intricate instrumentation and beats to get the body blooming…


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