Anthony Greenz was born a mile high in the fantastic city of Denver, Colorado where he trained tirelessly in the art of class clowning and tomfoolery. He quickly became aware that body manipulation and dance were at the forefront of his talents. In high school Greenz began street dancing and battled at b-boy events all over the country. Deciding to choose dance as a career he moved to California where he attended Chapman University and received a BFA in dance performance. Although freestyling and hip hop dance are his foundation, Greenz is proficient in many dance styles, including ballet, jazz, and modern. Since graduation Greenz has worked in the commercial dance industry in LA, he has worked with several dance companies, and been a primary dancer and choreographer for the Lucent Dossier Experience for the last four years. With Lucent and other companies Anthony Greenz has traveled all over the world performing at major music/art festivals. Now Greenz is working on fire dancing and aerial arts to expand his skill set. Although Anthony is very serious about developing mastery in various performing arts he is still more dedicated to being a full fledged buffoon and a clown of incredibly silly antics. The three major projects where you can see Anthony Greenz in action are, Wilderbe: a dance troupe utilizing video mapping, Bubble Gutter: a clown troupe utilizing urban dance, and Lucent Dossier: a neo circus performance art group.

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