Julia Grace

Julia Grace has been dazzling the globe with her tantalizing aerial skills sense 2010. Her path toward being a acrobat began with eight years of competitive gymnastics as a child, followed by four years of coaching recreational and competitive gymnastics in her teens. At age 21 she became inspired to do aerial arts after seeing her first circus performance. This moment changed her life forever as the luminous black rainbow inside was born and her inner sexy elegant airborne NINJA was evoked permenantly. Ever sense, Julia has been passionately expressing herself by training in aerial arts; dabbling in corde lisse (rope), hammock, cube, lyra, silks, pole and chinese pole. Corde lisse has become her favorite and speciality apparatus. Gracefully, she has touched down upon audiences of events such as Fractal Planet @ Burning Man, Symbiosis Festival and BassCoast Festival (BC). Julia is inspired by self expression, driven by the process of creation and challenged by the infinite innovations that aerial arts offers. She redefines the boundaries of modern day aerial and vivaciously demonstrates that the possiblities truely are limitless. Unifying the forces of balance and gravity, Julia seamlessly transforms the atmosphere into geometric sky paintings across the galaxy; that push the boundaries of modern day aerial.


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