Kalina Stork

Kalina Stork began aerial with Autumn Phillips at age 11 and since then has been training at Fishbon Pescadrome and Santa Barbara Dance Arts with her as an aerialist for 6 years. She has experience with jazz, lyrical/contemporary, hip-hop, and aerial and continues to expand her intense training as an aerialist and dancer. Since becoming a part of Autumn’s performance group, Elevated Dreams, Kalina has had the opportunity to perform for BASSH, the Dream Foundation, the Blind Tiger, the Fess Parker Hotel, Loa Tree, Lucidity, etc. The stage is like a second home to her and she loves being able to challenge herself with each performance. She has an enormous passion for performing aerial, which allows her to creatively express herself while telling a story through movement. Her goal as a performer is to bring light and inspiration to others and herself!

Festival Locations:

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