Liam Ocean

Liam Ocean is a fire artist, hoop dancer, and flow arts instructor from San Francisco who has ensorcelled the world with swirling circles since 2009. Liam’s life was profoundly changed when he discovered the fire and flow art communities, where he experienced firsthand how these art forms naturally cultivate a culture of play, exploration, sharing, self-improvement and mutual inspiration. Surrounding himself with these magical souls inspired a passion for both performance and practice, and it became Liam’s destiny to spread the joys of flow to all corners of the Earth.

Liam can be found dancing with circles of fire and light at all types of events and clubs in the Bay Area and beyond, and most recently has taken center stage at Hoop Camp and Burning Man Decompression. From red-hot hoop burlesque to light show spectacular, Liam has given it a whirl, and he is passionate about creating all new types of performance experiences. He also teaches hoop workshops and makes custom props to share the flow arts with anyone who wants to learn and grow. This year Liam is excited to bring his fiery theatrics to Lucidity, and encourages everyone to join the flow revolution.

Festival Locations:

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