Feel The Bern

SBforBernie.org wants to make sure everyone is Feelin’ The Bern at Lucidity! Come hang out with like minded activists, find out the latest on the national & local campaigns; tell social media why you support Bernie at our “I <3 Bernie photo booth, " make a Bernie 2016 poster for our next Honk & Wave, connect with our UCSB & SBCC teams, get registered to vote, check out literature, learn about volunteer opportunities, join an outreach team, and get signed up for the local campaign newsletter so you never miss out on the latest local updates or any upcoming events! We'll also have Bernie swag available; bumper stickers, buttons etc. We'll hold a letter to the editor writing station, might even do some viewings of Bernie's best speeches, have a mini rally, or hold an impromptu Bernie songwriting session. Finally, we are always open to discussing the issues and hearing your ideas for helping!

Stage Or Environment Architect(s)/Artist(s):

Santa Barbara for Bernie 2016

This environment can be found in Lucid City



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