Gregg Fleishman Studios

The visionary architecture of the Gregg Fleishman Studio is on full display in its own environment for the first time at Lucidity. Expect to experience “Sculpchairs”, Shelter Systems, lamps and other items in this space. There will be products and prototypes that explore new territory in connectivity and functionality in a whole world of slotted and notched sheet materials. The systems were developed over many years at play structure scale and tested at Play Mountain Place, a school in Los Angeles. Visit a “Playgoda” this year in Lucid City. With model assembly and an ongoing geometry lesson, the mysteries of the cubic world open up before your very eyes. The lesson being taught here is about the unifying properties of the rhombic dodecahedron. This includes learning about how it links the slopes of the faces of cubic polyhedra. A video will be available after hours. This studio has an open environment and program as well as hands on experiences with Fleishman models, the design and construction of them. Fleishman creations may be purchased here.

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Fleishman Studios

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