Human Light Ship

Human Light Ship is an interactive experience activating 4 of the senses: Sight, Sound, Smell and Touch. It is a unique experience for each individual simulating a deep meditative trance and visions while embellishing the body with comforting sound frequencies and resonant vibrations to encourage metabolic cleansing and Pineal Gland stimulation. Human Light Ship allows you to be with yourself and check-in with internalized Emotions and Feelings that have been hiding or we are avoiding. Combining: Specially designed music and sound resonance with noise canceling headphones, Visual stimulation with Light Goggles while receiving Energetic Mayan Frequency Healing technique. The Human Light ship has taught us that it can be a powerful tool to those that are trying to reach themselves internally to find harmony in existence and be comfortable in their own skin. How did we get started? an obsession with music and music history for starters! Ancient wisdom is one of the keys. Knowledge passed down through the Captain’s lineage along with 6 years of research and training. Combining ancient healing techniques harmoniously with modern technology! The Aboriginal people are the first known to heal with sound. Didgeridoo has been a healing tool used for 40,000 years the Aborigines healed broken bones, muscle tears and illnesses using this instrument. Egyptians designed sacred chambers to be reverberant to enhance ritualistic chant. In the Roman period healing temples were used for “incubation” in which patients underwent “dream sleep”. It is our goal to recreate these dream sequences and healing spaces!

Stage Or Environment Architect(s)/Artist(s):

Cuddles Omhu SaaRa

This environment can be found in Healers’ Sanctuary



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