Lucid University Dream Space & Fishbon Proscenium

The Dream Space is the environment within the University dedicated to an exploration of consciousness and dreaming. This environment is not heavily scheduled to allow for spontaneous chance encounters. It will be squished out, and a welcoming place to nap and dream. There will also be a handful of workshop offerings in this space that all revolve around activating our lucid awareness in both waking life and the dream state. This environment will get fun and funky in the evenings as Fishbon arts collective will be producing some wacky theatrical plays and performances. Come get your imagination station serviced at The Dream Space.

Stage Or Environment Architect(s)/Artist(s):

Fishbon Arts & Science Collaborative

This environment can be found in Lucid University



No music scheduled


Wisdom Keepers

No speakers scheduled

2D Artists

No 2D artists appearing

3D Artists

No 3D artists appearing