Sacred Fire / Drum Circle

To the ancient sages, the soul is the sacred fire. No philosophy is necessary to explain its self-evident, dazzling brightness, as cultures across the globe have understood this vital connection to the element of Fire for both physical reasons (warmth, cooking, etc), as well as symbolizing the Divine Consciousness which springs forth from the spiritual realms into the material world.

Meditating on the sacred fire links us with the sacred order of life; we each become a sacrifice, as it were, offering our lives to the cosmic fire. Our human personality (ego) is exchanged for a sacred role as a guardian of the light. We join the ancients as well as modern day wisdom keepers, as we ignite the fire and maintain it throughout the event, to honor our connection with the universe, in an age that is remembering the luminous origins of life.

The drum circle is geared toward communal healing – and it represents the heartbeat of Life. Come contribute by picking up a drum with the community or offer your prayers and positive intention into the circle for the festival at large.

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Lucidity Festival

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