Santa Barbara City Repair

The city repair project foster’s thriving, inclusive, and sustainable communities to be creative reclamation of public space. City repair is an organized group action that educates inspires communities and individuals to creatively transform the places where they live. City repair facilitates artistic and ecologically torrented place making it a plus processes that honor the interconnections of human communities and the natural world.

We are responding to the disconnect that is all around us. We (so much of humanity) live together, separated by the lines that are used to define our world and that serve as barriers to connection. The city has been set up not as a place to live enjoy and experience, but as a space to pass through, a space to leave behind while heading somewhere else.

We reject this. We believe our common spaces must be reclaimed by those of us who use them and wish to see them expanded, enhanced, maintained.

We are a new group holding space for a complex discussion. We recognize that the voices represented currently are few and we are lacking the amount of input and engagement needed for community building. We need your help!

We hope to work with Lucidity as a source of inspiration, a platform to amplify our message and draw in more people/energy, and as a partner in reconnecting with who we are and the spaces we live.

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Santa Barbara City Repair



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