Temple of Benzaiten

The Japanese goddess Benzaiten presides over all that flows. In her name, we seek the power within us and turn whirlpools to rivers. We look to the place we once took all nourishment before the Earth’s air passed our lips; our mothers. We remember that, when we were only cells to be divided, it was the connection to another human that channeled the energy into our being.

In the Temple of Benzaiten, we remember that connection as we build a sororal network within Lucidity. Our hosts have been invited to help sculpt identity as we diversify the gendered state of humanity. Avatarism, storytelling, and ritual workshops help to channel the flow of creation the Goddess has bestowed upon us.

For 2015, the Goddess Grove has chosen to use the Temple of Benzaiten as a safe space for youth and adults. Maggie Thomson-Kurz will be presenting a female empowerment workshop for children aged 9-15. The Artemis Project, appropriate for ages 15 and above, will be running on both Saturday and Sunday–Kristen Many Rivers invites festival attendees to share their stories as physical and feminine beings.

As with all environments in the Goddess Grove, the Temple of Benzaiten is a safe space. People of all walks of life are accepted and encouraged to be themselves.

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