Lucid University

Archetypal Essence

The student of life is ever extending themselves to learn new things. With the understanding that the magic of transformation happens outside of our comfort bubble, students of life seek to put themselves into novel and sometimes awkward situations, simply to see what happens and to learn from the experience. Students also know to surround themselves with teachers, mentors, and people on the paths that they too are following, gathering in educational meeting zones.

What to Expect

At Lucidity we believe in interactive education. Our Lucid University zone features holistic programming to inform, empower, inspire, and ACTivate. While this space will be imbued with learning for a week before the festival, it will transition into the transformational educational campus you’ve grown to know and love during the event weekend. This year’s Lucid University will feature programming from across 5 broad subjects:

  • Creativeworks
  • Spiritworks
  • Earthworks
  • Bodyworks
  • Communityworks

These Environments can be found in this village:

  • Lucid University Permaculture Hub

    This year, Lucid University will include the Permaculture Hub – a central space for workshops, classes, panel discussions, and skill shares around regenerative ecology and social transformation, community building, and all things permaculture.

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  • Lucid University Dream Space & Fishbon Proscenium

    The Dream Space is the environment within the University dedicated to an exploration of consciousness and dreaming. This environment is not heavily scheduled to allow for spontaneous chance encounters. It will be squished out, and a welcoming place to nap and dream.

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  • Lucid University Study Hall

    The Lucid University Study Hall is the thriving heart of our University. This is where our featured speakers share their wisdom with our aspiring Lucidity student-masters. This year’s content will range from envisioning environmental solutions to uncovering your sexual symbols.

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  • NuMundo Networking Board

    The NuMundo Networking Board will extract the nectar of Lucidity Festival. Here, you can leave your card, flyer or a written note for others to engage with. Maybe you’re looking for a trusted web designer from within the Lucidity community or you’re dreaming up what you’re looking for in your next big project.

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  • Lucid University Ancestral Arts

    Through our Ancestral Arts programming, Lucidity is honored to host our Cultural Wisdom Keepers and Indigenous Elders to share their insight, knowledge, spirit, and perspective.

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