Lucid City

The Lucid City is the thriving heart of our temporary village, the tasty core of our experiential offerings, and the pulsing center of our Lucidity Crossroads. In this magical and enchanted realm you will find the Crossroads Stage, Branches Mobile Art Gallery, The LucidiTea and Coffee House, the Lucid University, The Pyrobar, our Conscious Food Vendor Village, Nourishing Nook and Mindful Feeding program, and our amazing Artisan Merchants lining Dream Drive.

In addition, you can keep squeaky clean with our shower service provided by Dr. Bronner’s. Got questions? Get ’em answered at the Info Booth!

When the night’s chill begins to creep in, gather around the fire pit to share a story, a song or just the warmth and camaraderie.

Be sure to spend time in Lucid City. It could just be your crossroad to new experiences and newfound friendships.

These Environments can be found in this village:

  • SustainabiliTEA Lounge

    The Redwood Sprout SustainabiliTEA lounge is a comfortable space for people to gather and imbibe organic high quality Chinese teas and herbs with friends new and old.

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  • Feel The Bern wants to make sure everyone is Feelin’ The Bern at Lucidity! Come hang out with like minded activists, find out the latest on the national & local campaigns; tell social media why you support Bernie at our “I <3 Bernie photo booth, " make a Bernie 2016 poster for our next Honk & Wave, connect with our UCSB & SBCC teams, get registered to vote, check out literature, learn about volunteer opportunities, join an outreach team, and get signed up for the local campaign newsletter so you never miss out on the latest local updates or any upcoming events! We'll also have Bernie swag available; bumper stickers, buttons etc.

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  • Sacred Fire / Drum Circle

    To the ancient sages, the soul is the sacred fire. No philosophy is necessary to explain its self-evident, dazzling brightness, as cultures across the globe have understood this vital connection to the element of Fire for both physical reasons (warmth, cooking, etc), as well as symbolizing the Divine Consciousness which springs forth from the spiritual realms into the material world.

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  • sTeVe

    sTeVe (Steve tee-vee) was born at Burning Man and is a ginormous TV stage set where people can have great fun and additional workshops are being offered.

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  • Gregg Fleishman Studios

    The visionary architecture of the Gregg Fleishman Studio is on full display in its own environment for the first time at Lucidity.

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  • Pyrobar

    The life of the Pyrobar is to provide exceptional service to mankind in the form of multidimensional, sensory experiences with an other worldly style that transports its occupants to hearty opulence.

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  • Crossroads Stage

    The Crossroads Stage is a new endeavor for this years theme. The goal is to combine the best of our Lucid and Alive stages into one distinct environment that celebrates where we are as a festival and as a society. The Crossroads Stage will feature everything that you’ve come to expect from our main stages in the past. Focusing on Live, Electronic and Livetronica- from chilled out psy vibes and uptempo bass to live looping, reggae and down home music.

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  • Branches Mobile Gallery

    Branches Mobile Gallery returns as a pioneer in bringing world class fine art to the festival world and is excited to be featured once again as a central offering of the Lucid city.

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