Lucid University

Transformational education finds its home at the Lucid University. Here students of life will enjoy engaging presentations, inspiring panel discussions, and participatory classes on a variety of topics and subjects from permaculture to cultural literacy, lucid dreaming to sacred economics, and beyond. This year you can even join us in the week leading up to the festival for one of five intensives. Awaken knowledge. Engage learning. Emerge transformed.

Goddess Grove

Holding a refreshing view of the divine feminine, the Vivacious Jaguars of the Goddess Grove create a highly inclusive environment within which to explore the many aspects of creativity and feminine essence. This is a judgement free container that encourages an exploration of goddess energy in each of us, male or female. Create art, reimagine your highest image of yourself, or just flaunt what your mama gave you.

Warriors Way

The Humble Tigers of the Warrior’s’ Way stand in guardianship of our shared community values. Know and embody these values, as this village is a place where you will be tested, tried, trained, and transformed.. Learn martial arts or find your flow. Practice survival techniques and learn how to ground your turbulent emotions. The Way is a path, is it the path for you?

Nomads’ Nook

The Wild Monkeys swing from the trees in the Nomad’s Nook, our party enclave, sure to keep you stomping your boots on the dancefloor and adventuring through our larger interactive art installations. Come to play, to be yourself, to get lost… and found.

Healers’ Sanctuary

Presided over by the Wise Owls, our Healing Sanctuary is a nurturing place of retreat and respite. Come for massage, energy work, sound healing, a tarot reading, or a variety of other modalities of rejuvenation and self reflection. Fill your cup and return to your adventure calm, collected, and centered.

Lovers’ Nest

All who embrace LOVE are invited to enjoy a warm and comfortable nest in this home of the Loving Doves. The Lovers’ Nest truly anchors the highest vibrational frequencies in music, art, and community that our humble gathering has to offer. Come here to connect, to celebrate life, and to remember what it’s like to be in your heart.

Trixsters’ Playground

What fun would order and harmony be without a little silliness and tomfoolery? The Playful Coyotes of the Trixters’ Playground know how to turn any shindig into a raucous hootenanny. This has also been a traditional haven for high energy live and acoustic mountain music. Join the fun, prank your friends, play the fool, and remember to riddle and rhyme.

Family Garden

The home of the Courageous Dragons, the Family Garden is our safe haven for families who want to share the Lucidity experience with their little ones and elders alike. Here children of all ages will find playshops, creativity zones, smoothie making adventures, fun sleep­overs, a kids parade, and much more to be discovered in the magic of the moment!