Volunteer FAQ’s

Volunteer Applications are now CLOSED.

Volunteering is an important part of what makes magical events like Lucidity possible and an important part of participating in the world at large. Whether you’re building an art installation, helping a neighboring camp with their setup, assisting participants upon their arrival with the Box Office crew, or just running amok creating a smile on every fellow participant you encounter, you’re a pivotal piece in the puzzle. The temporary community that is Lucidity exists because of the hard work and dedication of volunteers offering their time, resources, knowledge, and skills year round and on site. When something needs doing, it gets done, by you, and you!, and you!, and you!

Is there a deadline to submit my volunteer application?

Volunteer Applications closed January 31st at midnight.

When will I find out if I’ve been accepted as a volunteer?

All Volunteers will be notified if they are accepted or placed on the waitlist by February 8th.

Do I get a free or discounted ticket for volunteering at Lucidity?

Volunteers are typically scheduled for 3 shifts during the festival, roughly 18-20 hours. There are also pre-event and post-event shifts which may have different shift requirements. Upon being accepted, volunteers pay a total deposit of $260, and once the volunteer fulfills their shift requirements they are issued a refund minus the non-refundable impact fee of $30. All volunteers pay the impact fee. There may be a processing time which can take over a week to begin processing the refunds, along with the transaction times of your financial institution.

How long are the shifts?

Shift times vary per team, but most of the shifts are roughly 5-7 hours. Certain departments have slightly more or less time, We design our shift sizes to accommodate certain teams that are more energy intensive than others to maintain a fair exchange for all.

Where and how do I check-in for my shift?

All volunteers (after acceptance and confirmation) will receive instructions on how to check-in and out of their shifts. Usually all volunteers will be checking-in and out directly with their Team Lead at the specified location of that Team.

What if I am late to a shift or I miss a shift?

Always arrive on time or 10 minutes early for your shift! We plan our schedules so that the volunteer before you gets to check-out of their shift on time. If you are 20 minutes or more late to a shift, the shift will be considered a “no-show”.

If you miss a shift or have a “no-show”, the Volunteer Coordinator may be able to reschedule you for another shift. However, if there are no other shifts available, you will not be able to fulfill your commitment. Deposit refunds will only be given to volunteers who fully complete all of their shifts.

Can I come early and/or stay after the event ends?

Only those with authorized early entry will be admitted to the site before the gates open to the general public at 10am on Friday, April 8th. You will be told specifically by the Volunteer Coordinator if you are authorized for early entry.

Everyone, except those authorized to participate with the teardown crew, must be off-site by noon on Monday, April 11th.

Where do I camp?

While there is no designated volunteer camp, you are free to camp wherever you’d like, as long as it’s not within one of the areas marked off by the Lucidity crew for vendors, art installations or other camps.

Can I camp with my car?

If you want to camp with your car, you must have purchased a car camping pass.

Carpool! Carpool! Carpool! Lucidity aims to Leave No Trace and Leave It Better, which includes reducing our carbon footprint.

Do volunteers receive meals?

There are several deliciously yummy vendors available for you to purchase food. In addition, Lucidity volunteers receive 1 meal per shift from our Mindful Feeding Kitchen.

When will I receive my deposit refund?

We try to process refunds as soon as possible, and typically the process begins a week after the festival. Please allow additional time which may be required by your financial institution to process the transaction.

What do each of the volunteer teams for Lucidity DO exactly?

Glad you asked. Please see team descriptions below.

Volunteer Team Descriptions:

  • Build & Teardown Crew
    Pitching in helping hands to bring Lucidity to life, these volunteers know how to wield a hammer and assemble stuff!
  • Box Office
    This is the team that handles ticketing/credentials and other things entry related. This smiling crew will greet patrons as they arrive to the festival, and scan their tickets for entry. They are also in charge of will-call and credentials.
  • Parking Crew
    Parking crew capture your heart as you enter the lucid dream, providing traffic support and ensuring all Lucidizens can fit comfortably in the event. Working closely with the Box Office, Parking crew have a good handle on mapping out how exactly to fit all the cars, RVs, and other vehicles into the event with style and grace. They’ll also kindly ask you to move or be moved if you find yourself parked in the wrong area.
  • Green Team
    The Green Team makes sure that participants do just that, leaving a pristine location when the event is over. They help educate participants on having the least ecological impact and “Pack It In, Pack It Out” principles. They may also sometimes be found leading scavenger hunts and games.
  • HQ Crew
    The HQ crew supports the service of all other Lucidity volunteer crews. They’re a team of wild, hard working, do-it-yourself characters, whose mission is to ensure members of the event team take care of themselves by delivering water, breaks, and overall fun. They also fill in for departments who need a little extra help. When not caretaking for other departments, they can usually be found instigating shenanigans somewhere in the event.
  • Mindful Feeding / Kitchen
    The Mindful Feeding Crew puts a little spice, a little love, and all the right ingredients into the nourishing meals created to sustain the Lucidity crew.


Still have questions?

Please contact ‘Princess’, Volunteer Coordinator: volunteer@lucidityfestival.com

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