Amaya is a Mystic, Healer and Creator of the Atlantean Academy wisdom teaching series and creator of the Atlantean Magnetic Balancing guided self healing technique.

His studies include:

-Ancient Toltec wisdom retreat with Don Miguel Ruiz, Don Jose Ruiz and Miguel Ruiz Jr.
-The secrets of the ancient Atlantean, Lumerians. Egyptians the Mayans and various other Indigenous tribes through ascension master Drunvalo Melchizedek completing 2 Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshops
-The divine feminine wisdom of the ancient Blue School of Creation with Claudette Melchizedek.
-Successfully completed the first level Delegate program of the Unified Field Theory school of Physicist Nassim Haremein & his understudy Jamie Hanover.

Medicine or Calling

Through much personal work, I have broken through the chains of perception which binds us.

Festival Locations:

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